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Perplexity Between Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages

One of the broadly acclimated amusing networking websites, Facebook, gives an advantage to affix with your friends, admired pals and businesses, but by abacus pages to your profile, you can advertise what you affliction about and recommend; you can add pictures, and aswell accept walls area admirers can column on. It has an advantage to accept applications also.

Groups are little bit altered than pages. You can set accompany permissions so that it’s either accessible to anyone or closed. It aswell has an ambassador to manage, accept applicants or allure others to accompany this group.

Because of its aegis and aloofness settings, groups could be compared to clubs of offline world. Admins can allure associates to accompany via Facebook email, and any accessible accumulation can be accomplished via Facebook search.

Facebook Page or Facebook Group

Personal Vs. Corporate

Facebook Groups are fabricated for added claimed engagements due to aegis appearance and admeasurement limitations. Administrators abstinent the groups. On the added hand, Pages do not advertise the names of admin, and are advised as a person, just like any accumulated entity.

The amusing networking website, Facebook, considers groups as an addendum to your claimed actions. When you allotment something as accumulation admin, it is absorbed to your claimed contour admitting Pages can actualize agreeable that comes from the Page itself.

Updates Vs. Email

Groups accept a limitation to forward email blasts alone beneath 5,000 associates admitting Page admin can forward updates to admirers through page that appears in the “Updates” area of fans’ inboxes. Therefore, no absolute as far as the amount of admirers of the Page is concerned.

User Control

Groups, accepting permission settings advantage available, offers added ascendancy over who gets to participate. Admin has rights to bind admission to his group. In case of a Page, the restrictions can be airish by assertive ages and locations only. This makes groups just like a clandestine club.


Pages can be added alone by hosting applications and to appearance added content. No such advantage is accessible in Groups.


One can acquirement Advertisements to advance either groups or pages. But Pages can yield annual from fan access amid a Page and a specific user.

Overall, Groups are abundant to adapt on claimed akin and for abate calibration interactions. Pages are bigger for businesses, brands, movies, bands, or celebrities to collaborate with admirers or barter after abutting them to a claimed account. Looking at the goals and objectives, you may adjudge either a Page or a Group.